Summer Meals, Update!

We are headed full steam ahead into week three of the Summer Meals program at the Salem Public Library! The pictures below are a few insights to how we make an awesome healthy meal (free!) for kids and teens aged 2-18! Our guys and staff work so hard and are so proud of the meals that they produce!

Did you know that we offer an alternative meal? If you aren’t so interested in the main meal ask one of the volunteers for the alternative! We make our own almond butter! The alternative meal is an almond butter and jelly sandwich served with all the same sides as the main meal.

We take cleanliness very serious! We make sure all our dishes are done and spotless for the next meal prep.

Each meal has to have a percentage of protein, fruit, dairy, and grain. We measure every single portion of food that goes into our free meals. By measuring we are ensuring that kids are growing up strong and healthy!

This was our lunch served on 7/20/2018. A delicious yogurt parfait! It had granola (locally made here in MA), strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The raspberries were grown in our very own rooftop garden at our Salem day program! The kids loved it!

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