Our vocational services include a variety of fields and skill levels that help individuals to live and work in the community. We use comprehensive work programs that work closely with each individual to their strengths and weaknesses as just that – an individual. Utilizing person centered planning, we help others help themselves.

Individual Supported Employment

Individual Supported Employment

Through the use of classroom workshops, skill assessments and one-on-one training, we help individuals interested in employment to create and execute career path planning in conjunction with work readiness programming. Utilizing networking and supportive job searching techniques, we assist individuals in acquiring jobs and to enjoy gainful long term employment within the community.

Coffee Shop

Group Employment

Utilizing coaching from an experienced staff, individuals are supported in team employment through local businesses within the community. Every day we can be seen working not just alongside workers, but with them.

Coffee Shop

Food Services

Under the direction of our trained chef and instructor, our program teaches individuals the ins-and-outs of cooking, cleaning and restaurant services for all aspects of culinary work, rotating through different jobs to ensure a complete training skill set – waiting, dishwashing, grilling, prepping, baking and maintenance.

Job Training

Job Training And Readiness

With coaching, social exercises and classes from program instructors experienced in a variety of backgrounds, we help to nurture, train and develop skills and interests for individuals in all levels of development.