Bass River’s mission is to support and advocate for adults who are developmentally challenged; to assist them in achieving their fullest potential; to enable them to improve and enrich the quality of their lives; to provide exceptional services that are responsive to individual needs and are based upon respect for each person; and to enhance their skills so that they may become productive members of society.


Our success begins with person-centered planning, continues with building day to day relationships, which leads to life enrichment, independence and security and has been providing continual support and community involvement to individuals with Developmental Disabilities in residential and day program settings.  We endeavor to initiate, provide and foster an environment within the community that assures each individual’s full rights, responsibilities and promotes their community membership.


At Bass River, each person develops a vision for their future based on his or her individual strengths and interests.  Bass River believes that a network of communication is essential to the life enrichment of individuals.  We take a team approach to help people achieve their personal goals.