Day Programming & Services

Day Hab

Our day hab program strives to challenge participants to achieve maximum independence in their daily lives and to develop and meet personal goals whenever possible. Through in house services and private work with our physical, speech and occupational therapists as well as our nursing staff, we ensure a caring support for a healthy life style. In both our Salem and Beverly locations, we provide personal, social and recreational skill building.

CBDS - Community Based Day Services

Through the community based day services programming, we help individuals to live full and active lives outside of our facilities. In our program, we provide classes on social behavior and striving to find community integration for each person. Our individuals are always getting out into the community – whether going on tours to award winning museums, volunteering in the community, learning martial arts, or simply going out for a cup of coffee in a local shop, we ensure the people we serve will be able to live and integrate into the North Shore’s vibrant community.



From our beautiful rooftop garden to landscaping out in the community, our gardening program helps individuals of all skill levels to develop both a peaceful hobby and useful life skill.



One of the best ways to help foster a strong community bond is through volunteering, and helping people in need. Through working with Meals-on-Wheels, local hospitals, animal shelters and food pantries, we teach the importance of responsibility and community.